Starting in September and each month thereafter, there is a campout that is not required but highly recommended in order to learn and appreciate the outdoors. Although campouts are not required, campouts are required for certain rank advancement and to be nominated to the Order of the Arrow. Campouts provide opportunities to work on rank advancements and learn new things pertaining to scouting. The months of July & August are the only months that there are no campouts. With the exception of Spring Break and Summer Camp these monthly campouts only cost $35.00. What does this fee pay for: $25 goes to the purchase of food, paper products, propane, utensils, etc. for the weekend for the troop and/or patrol and $10 goes to the driver who helps transports scouts to help pay for gas. Only approved drivers are eligible for gas reimbursement. The fee is mandatory whether attending the whole weekend or just partial. The gas portion of $10.00 may be waived by the treasurer if that person is providing their own transportation to and from the campout or riding with their parent.

Due to the unpredictable number of scouts attending each campout, Troop 405 will only allow Scouts to join or leave an assigned campout if they get prior approval from the Scoutmaster. This is done for safety reasons with respect to scout accountability at the campout and to ensure we have adequate transportation. Furthermore, if adults/leaders are choosing not to stay the entire campout then this needs to be made known prior to the campout with the Scoutmaster so we can ensure that appropriate adult supervision is maintained. If adults and/or scouts arrive later or leave earlier than the whole troop, they may not be covered under the Troop’s Tour permit for insurance purposes and may be taking that liability on themselves. This decision will be made by BSA or other affiliated parties. ***Starting the Scout year of 2011-2012, all those interested in attending a campout must sign up and pay for that campout at least 2 Tuesdays prior to the campout. There will be no last minute sign up the week of the campout so that proper attention and arrangements can be made. No exceptions. Payments for any campout can be made in advance at any meeting.

On campouts, Scouts pitch their own tents and eat with other scouts in their patrol or as a troop which is led by the respective scout patrol leaders. Adults pitch their tents nearby where they can allow the boys to learn independence but also keep an eye on what is going on.